Use of Cocopeat as a Planting Media

Media for plant growth in horticultural cultivation is available in various types of choices. One of the growing media that is often used is 'Cocopeat'. Cocopeat (coconut: coconut, peat: peat or coir) is often also called coco fiber (coir fiber) or coco coir (coir powder). This material is made from aria skin or coconut husk. Generally obtained from industrial waste that uses coconut as raw material in their products. Coconut coir consists of fiber and cork as a liaison between the fibers. Each coconut contains 75% fiber. Coconut coir contains chemical compounds such as cellulose, lignin, charcoal, tannin, and potassium. On average, 1 coconut is able to produce coir weighing 0.4 kg with a fiber content of 30%. Coconut coir processing produces primary products, namely (1) long fiber (fiber), (2) fine fiber or short fiber (bristle), and (3) dust or coir powder. Fibers can be processed into mattresses, carpets, geotextiles, etc., while dust / coir powder is further processed into